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Military Installation Overview: USAG Grafenwoehr

We would like to show you a quick snapshot of the various military installations on Germany. Today Meril shows us around United States Army Garrison Grafenwoehr. Thanks Meril!

If you would like to tell us about your base or post, please contact manager and we’ll get a template for you to fill out!

USAG Grafenwoehr Germany,

Name of installation: USAG Grafenwoehr

Where in Germany?: Bavaria

What military branch(es) use/run this base: Army

Restaurants within the gates: Just the usual food court ones: Popeyes, Taco Bell, Subway, Pizza Hut, Charlie’s, Burger King and soon a Chinese food restaurant should open. You can also find German bakery and Java Cafe coffee shop in the PX.

USAG Grafenwoehr Germany,

Shopping within the gates: Only PX, commissary, and thrift shop

Other things to do within the gates: 24hr shoppette, library, movie theater, gym, USO, Bingo Nights in the old hotel

Child care options: Hourly care and daycare on post with a list of sitters available for after hours or weekends

Schools (is bus service available on on-post residents?): Elementary and middle school with school bus

What is your favorite nearby, off-station attraction:  Eremitage in Bayreuth (25 mins from Graf)

USAG Grafenwoehr Germany,

What types of housing offered on base?: On post offers only apartments but Netzaberg housing is only 10 mins away. You can also end up off post in government leased housing. A great page for housing information is the USAG Grafenwoehr housing page on Facebook. They have pictures, videos and will reply to your questions quickly.

(Click here to see another post on nearby housing.)

Where can you get free WiFi? (We all know that’s an important question during those first few days.): Library, USO, Java Cafe

USAG Grafenwoehr Germany,

Something great: Although the post is like any other with the basics, the best part is that you are close to all the major cities in Europe and can travel every weekend to somewhere new (either drive or hop on the train, not to mention all the MWR trips)!

Something you wish you could change: I wish that there was more activities on post and family was more valued.

General impressions of the installation: Good

USAG Grafenwoehr Germany,

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  1. Michael says:

    Grafenwoehr is the perfect oasis for travelers! My wife and I live on the west side of Germany and recently spent a weekend on the east end. Grafenwoehr’s lodging (built in 2010) is a comfortable and affordable place to stay with PX, food and shopette all within walking distance. Thanks for the article!


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