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Seriously?!? Can an oven give you culture shock?!? It was the first time I went to put a pizza in our German TLA oven. Two knobs. I need translation for both!

The first one was expected. I know that the USA is one of the last holdouts still using Fahrenheit instead of Celsius. (Interesting irony: Fahrenheit gets its name from physicist, Daniel Fahrenheit, who was, you guessed it, German!) Here is a quick conversion table for cooking temps:

Celsius  Fahrenheit

100 . . . . . . . .  212
110. . . . . . . . 230
120. . . . . . . . 248
130. . . . . . . . 266
140. . . . . . . . 284
150. . . . . . . . 302
160. . . . . . . . 320
170. . . . . . . . 338
180. . . . . . . . 356
190. . . . . . . . 374
200. . . . . . . . 392
210. . . . . . . . 410

Okay, the pizza should go in somewhere between 200 and 210 C. Set that knob, now for the other. This is where it gets a little more interesting. It’s not just warm, bake, broil and oven cleaner.

Some ovens have pictures some have words. I’ll try to break them all down for you:

Beleuchtung (picture looks like a light bulb) = Lighting
This will light your oven and will continue to function when you turn to other settings.

Umluft (picture looks like a fan)= Convection

This is a feature that is slowly catching on in the States, but is standard here. It uses a fan to more efficiently carry the heat. Your cooking time may be reduced when using this setting. Some ovens offer convection in combination with other settings too. This is a great general setting.

Turbo Raumgrill (picture looks like the grill setting with a fan) = Turbo grill chamber
In this setting, the heating element, grill element, and convection fan are all on.

Infrarot Grill (Looks like a zig zag) = Infrared grill

Similar to broil, heat is from the top, door must be open.

Infrarot flachengrill (looks like two zig zags) = Infrared Flat Grill
More intense than Infrarot Grill, door must be open.

Oven Settings, GermanyJa.com

Oberhitze (A box with an extra line on the top) = Top heat

Top heating element is on. Suggested for flash browning at the end of cooking.

Unterhitze (A box with an extra line on the bottom) = Bottom heat
Lower heating element is on. Suggested for pizza and anything where you want a crispy bottom crust.

Oberhitze Unterhitze (A box with two extra lines, one on top, one on bottom)= Over/Under heat

Good for baking pastries.

Auftaustufe (looks like a snowflake and water drop) = Oven Defrost
The fan is on but the heat is not on.

Depending on the oven, there maybe more settings, but these cover the basics.

A-Ha! Better culture shock from an oven than electric shock I guess!

Thanks to members of the GermanyJa.com Q & A Forum on facebook for help with this article! Are you a member?

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  • April 2, 2013

    wow ! so helpful…I’ve just been guessing.

  • October 31, 2014

    Lived in Germany nearly 7 years and have been using my current oven for over 4 and I did not know most of that, so thank you.

    Julie Phillips