The call finally comes. You've been waiting for weeks and weeks. One of the hardest parts of being in the US military is waiting for new orders. And when the call comes, it's not Fort Sam Houston or Camp Legune or San Diego. It's not {insert familiar and expected military installation here}.  It's... what?!  Overseas? YIKES!

And so you begin the search.  You call friends who have friends who were once there. You live online and scour every site you can find.  You find travel books at the bookstore but quickly realize they aren't helpful because you aren't going on vacation - you're going there to live!

You have real questions:  Do I bring the king-sized mattress?  Where do I send the kids to school?  Does housing provide microwaves?  Where do I go for craft supplies?  And how in the world do we get Fido and Fluffy across the ocean with us?

We hear you.  We've so been there.  And while there is always some initial panic we hope the excitement begins to creep in for you, too.  You start to imagine all the amazing things you'll get to see - travel, food, language.  The once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

We at Germany Ja are here to help you on that journey.  Through posts on our blog, we hope to demystify the overseas moving experience and help you get settled so that you can enjoy the good stuff - new friends and new fun.  We want you to find yourself saying, "Overseas?  Yes!"

We already have a very successful website for Americans living on Okinawa, Japan (OkinawaHai.com), but are just getting started with Germany Ja.  So if you have a question you don't find an answer to here, or if you'd like to share some new things you've discovered about this beautiful country and the "I'm an American connected to the US military living in Germany" experience, email us at submissions @germanyja.com.

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Experienced the German Leben:  August 2012 to Present

Relationship to the Military:  My husband is retired Air Force, now working for the DoD

German favorites:  TWeihnachtmarkts, dark beer, castles, proximity to so many borders to cross, opportunity to struggle through another language.

My blog:  ingermanyabroad.wordpress.com


AmandaExperienced the German Leben:  November 2011 to Present

Relationship to the Military:  My husband is in the Army

German favorites:  The opportunity to travel, the food, the wine, the abundance of festivals and celebrations, and the adventure in general.

My blog:  amandapoverseas.wordpress.com


Amy GJ

Experienced the German Leben: Sadly, only 8 months (August '12 - April '13) -- Bavaria.

Relationship to the Military: Proud Army Wife

German favorites: Summertime evenings, wintertime snow, schneeballs, Christmas markets, riding the Deutsche Bahn, soft pretzels, orange Fanta, rolling hills, red roofs, and the word "tschuss."

My blog: www.armyamy.wordpress.com/


Michelle AboutExperienced the German Leben:  June 2012 to Present -- Bavaria

Relationship to the Military:  Proud Army Wife

German Favorites:  Living in Bavaria and enjoying all their traditions, food, beer, beautiful country side, and hospitality!

My blog:  www.ArmyLifeTravels.blogspot.com



Experienced the German Leben: January 2008 to Present -- Schweinfurt, Grafenwoehr, Vilseck

Relationship to the Military: Proud Army Wife

German Favorites: I love how easy it is to travel, either in Germany or anywhere in Europe by just being In Graf. Everything is only hours away. I love Christmas markets, Medieval fests and Volksfests....just being out and about finding something new to explore with my family. All the castles and castle ruins, beautiful nature

My blog: pearlsdiamondsandeverythingelse.wordpress.com


Experienced the German Leben:  August 2012 to present

Relationship to the Military: My husband is active duty and I work as a full-time civilian for the Air Force

German Favorites: Travel, travel and travel! There are so many wonderful places nearby and easily accessible! I also love the Christmas markets; German bread, beer and chocolate; and did I mention travel?

Currently Germany Ja! Manager

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