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Guten Tag! My German adventure began in August 2012 when my Air Force husband and I finally set foot together in Germany. Before living here we were stationed in Okinawa, Japan. While there I used Okinawa Hai as my guide to all things Okinawan. The Okinawa Hai team and I are excited to bring this Overseas Yes! platform to Germany. I want everyone to find something they love about living in Germany. Moving to Germany may not have been your decision, but your attitude about how you handle this opportunity is your choice. Traveling, eating, driving, hiking, shopping, even getting lost is an adventure here. We hope to become a guide to many Americans stationed in Germany. If you have discovered something you think everyone should know about, please let me know!


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My husband and I survived three consecutive overseas moves in the Navy.  We were first stationed on the paradise that is Oahu, HI; then a tour in Cornwall, UK; followed by a fabulous time in Okinawa, Japan where our first site, Okinawa Hai, had its beginnings. We were lucky enough as a family to truly "Join the Navy, See the World."  I loved every place and every journey, but they were all so different.  Each move brought a new paradigm and way of looking at the world and a new set of skills for navigating the experience.  I'm thrilled to be a part of helping other people find their way in a new place, learning to truly make it home.

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Heather Gelormine - Overseas Yes! Content Manager

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More than a decade ago, when I was a young newlywed, my husband's Army orders found us moving to Germany just weeks after I graduated from college.  We spent our first three years as a couple - and later as a growing family - getting to know each other in the welcoming embrace of the overseas military community.  After a return to US soil and a three-year tour in Colorado we realized we missed the overseas life, and begged our way into a tour in Japan where I became involved with Okinawa Hai.  Our family has since PCS'd back to Colorado, but fortunately the virtual world allows me to continue working hard on behalf of military servicemembers and families who are striving to love the overseas experience.

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