Cora – French Groceries

It’s almost like an expat rite of passage in this area: many a Ramstein-area American eventually finds herself making a pilgrimage to Cora, a supermarket chain in France. Some might say that it’s just a supermarket. To that I say: it is a supermarket, but it’s also an experience, with many “exotic” offerings that we might not see at our local German grocery stores.

I visited the Sarreguemines store, but there’s also one in Forbach too; both are less than hour from the Ramstein area. The store reminds me of something similar to a Super Wal-Mart in that they had some inexpensive merchandise like cheap clothes and shoes. There is a more gourmet side to the store, though, and the grocery section is huge, with something for everyone.

Want some “American” cookies that have French and Flemish writing on them? Or how about TexMex fixins’? There’s an aisle for that. How about something really French, like the snails pictured? They’re frozen for convenient storage; after all, who knows when a hunger for snails will strike? Looking for a wide selection of delicious, gourmet French cheeses at reasonable prices? They’re available, too. There is also a good selection of wine and occasionally there are special sales on the wine.

Here are the things I bought:

  • French hot chocolate,
  • Macarons (they were okay, but weren’t as good as those fresh from a specialty bakery),
  • Some mini frozen quiches (delicious and probably not remotely healthful); and
  • Chestnut paste/spread stuff in a tube (I mostly bought it because I thought that the mascot, made out of chestnuts, was adorable — not really a good reason, I know, and I have no idea what to do with it).

I saw a reusable baguette bag. How cute is that? It would be a great gift for someone who’s serious about her bread.

On my way out, I noticed a café that has cafeteria-style offerings. Other American shoppers have noted that the food is good, including the Flammkuchen.

It was a fun visit with some tasty French things to try!

Visit the Cora website for hours and locations.

Forbach and Sarreguemines are two of the closer locations to the Kaiserslautern Military Community.



10 Bouleaux Street
57200 Sarreguemines, France

(Map below)


Monday to Friday: 0830 – 2030
Saturday: 0830 – 2000
Sunday: Closed



BP 90088 Avenue de l’Europe
57602 Forbach, France


Monday to Friday: 0830 – 2030
Saturday: 0800 – 2000
Sunday: Closed