Fabric Shopping in the Kaiserslautern Area

Stumbling upon little treasures: German Fabric Stores

Some of my greatest finds have been the ones I’ve stumbled upon! If only to get so lucky more often –you know, the great little “corner bookstore”, the fantastic Metzgarrei, and most recently, fabric stores!

I’ve got time to sew again, however, I lightened my HHG load thinking I’d just pick up new material in Germany. Little did I know finding fabric in Germany would be such a difficult quest! So, I share today 2 of my “little finds”:

Fabric in Germany, is not called “Fabric”–ask a German where the “fabric store” is, even if they speak English “a little bit”, they look at you like you’ve gone mad! So, the proper phrase you’re looking for is: “Wo ist der Shop von Stoff?” Yes, fabric is indeed “Stoff” (Schtoff, if you pronounce correctly). Hopefully you’ll get somewhat clear directions!

Pfaff Store, downtown Kaiserslautern

A wonderful place to find the sewing machine repair man (call to see if they can service yours). The Pfaff store has at least 1 English speaking clerk who was especially helpful. Beautiful fabrics, wide variety of textures, but, a rather small selection of cotton quilting fabrics. Prices €10-25 per meter. So, a larger piece of fabric sold as a meter…better deal…hmmm. Definitely worth heading there for a look–they had a nice sale pile, too.

Stoff Centrum, also in Kaiserslautern, near the Saturn/Globus

This shop was like finding a diamond in the rough (German zoning still befuddles me!) Stoff is a beautiful, large store with friendly staff, although they didn’t speak much English. Large selection of fabrics, many different textures. Huge selection of notions, modest group of sale fabrics and a fairly large area of cotton/poly blends on 54” rolls. Prices were from €3 -15 per meter. I’m afraid I spent more there than I intended…..


Not the first place I’d look for fabric, but their small selection was super duper well priced and I found 1 piece that needed to come home with me! €6 per meter.

Discouraged by the relatively small selection compared to my little quilt stores in Ohio, I placed an order at Joann.com. Used my free shipping coupon and they mailed thru UPS with tracking, but it’s held up somewhere as I am still waiting for the order….3 weeks and counting. Indeed, you get what you pay for.

Lucky for me I have a few good friends who needed to make room for more fabric, so they sent me their “scraps”! I’ve made a few wonderful baby quilt / travel changing mats and am loving the pretty pieces!



Pfaff Nähzentrum

Schneiderstraße 8
67655 Kaiserslautern
Hours: M-F 9:30-1800
Sa: 9:30-14:00

Stoff Centrum

Denisstraße 22
67663 Kaiserslautern
Hours: M-F: 9:00-18:00
Sa: 9:00-13:00


Frankenthaler Straße 123
68307 Mannheim
Hours: Monday – Thursday: 1000 – 2100
Friday: 1000 – 2200
Saturday: 1000 – 2100