Join Our Germany Ja! Communities!

We know this blog is a great way to get information quickly and easily, which is why we've created it for you.  But we also understand the need for a community to interact with each other IMMEDIATELY. Right now!

That's why we created our Facebook Page, where we bring you our new posts and links to current events that may be pertinent to you. 

But it's not enough.  Due to the setup of our Facebook page - which is out of our hands - our readers' questions often get buried, hidden among our own posts and left unanswered.

We also have a Facebook Group set up where you can ask and answer questions from other Americans who are in the same boat (and country). Q&A Forum.

So please, if you already read this blog but have been wanting to reach out and meet others in your boat - even if it's just virtually - we hope to help you fulfill that need in any of these ways:

GermanyJa! Facebook Fan Page - to get all the latest posts, answer our polls, and pass along pertinent Germany and military-related information - Powered by your Germany Ja managers.

GermanyJa! Q&A Forum - for those who are usually on Facebook anyway - Powered by YOU.

(But please don't forget to continue reading this blog and leaving your two cents in the comments!)

And once again, thank you.  Thank you ALL for helping us make Germany Ja into a great community.  We truly would be nothing without all your support and wisdom.

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