Buying Tracht (Dirndl and Lederhosen) in Kaiserslautern

A Short Guide to Buying Tracht (Dirndl and Lederhosen) in Kaiserslautern

With Oktoberfest coming up, many people who ordinarily wouldn’t have anything to do with tracht (traditional German dress) are searching for some dirndls and lederhosen to participate in Oktoberfest. Tracht can be very expensive for the higher quality items but there are some lower-priced options as well. Below are some ideas of where to buy tracht around Kaiserslautern and beyond.

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Cora – French Groceries

It’s almost like an expat rite of passage in this area: many a Ramstein-area American eventually finds herself making a pilgrimage to Cora, a supermarket chain in France. Some might say that it’s just a supermarket. To that I say: it is a supermarket, but it’s also an experience, with many “exotic” offerings that we might not see at our local German grocery stores.

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