Writers Wanted

How it Works

Germany Ja is still in its infancy, so to speak, but we're excited to bring you new content each week.  As our community grows, it's our aim to bring all of YOU, our readers, on board to add your experience and expertise to the collective voice.

We are currently building our team of writers. If you are interested in sharing your German experience with us, please email Sarah at submissions @germanyja.com or manager @germanyja.com.

The categories we're most interested in building are:

To Live: What's on post housing like?  How much furniture can you bring with you, and should you have brought everything and the kitchen sink?  What's the process for shipping a vehicle to/from the US to Germany?  And about those VAT forms...

To EatStumbled on a fabulous new gasthaus?  A Chinese restaurant worth visiting?  A cafe with first-rate spargelcremesuppe?  Figured out how to make knodel at home from the items you discovered at Alda?

To Do:  Found a place to dress up in leiderhosen?  Discovered the ultimate arcade for little and big kiddos? Just want to share that groovy thing you do?

To Shop:  Did you find a great new farmer's market? A place that sells jars of Nutella as big as your head? Did you find that elusive food item you'd thought you'd have to give up during your time here?

To LearnTell us what YOU have learned because of Germany and its people. Bring your heart-warming, embarrassing, quirky and life-altering tales to our community. Did you find a helpful language class that would be a great resource for newbies?  Did you learn about next week's fest from your German neighbor? Do you have a series of photos that illustrate a local adventure? Did you meet a German national or an expat whose story should be shared?

To Parent:  Where do your kiddos go to school? Do your kids attend an off-post kindergarten? Tell us about that great park you found where kids and dogs are both allowed to romp freely. And were do you throw them the birthday bash of their dreams?

Occasionally we will solicit posts from other categories as we see the need; for an immediate list of posts we're looking for, check out this page.  If you have something to share but aren't sure if it's what we're looking for, contact our Submissions Manager and ask.

What Posts Are and Are Not

Posts are...

  • about your personal experiences, so use your beautiful voice 

  • inclusive of the details so that we can go try it, eat it, get it and do it just like you did

  • about places or events or things that make you feel good

  • respectful towards Germany and its culture

  • long enough to cover your topic thoroughly

  • better with your pictures

  • well-written and spell-checked

Posts are not...

  • negative reviews of any place or thing

  • advertisements. Writing about a place is obviously good advertising, but no self-promotion, danke schon

  • boring. Give us some spunk, pretty please

  • repeats of posts we already have

  • plagiarized from anyone or any place; if you have a personal blog that you've written a post on and would like to share here, that's cool with us


  • FAME!  Writers contributing 10 or more posts will have their photo and bio added to our "About" page.

  • FORTUNE!  Want to finance your kimchee habit?  Your daily Starbucks fix? Writers receive $15 per accepted post.

  • KARMA!  Good things come to people who share what they know and love. What goes around comes around.

  • FRIDGE MAGNETS! If we publish a post you've written you'll get a great magnet to stick on your fridge.

Are you ready to write for us?  Great!  Click HERE to see all the details you'll need to get published.  Or you can send any questions to our Submissions Manager.