How it Works

Germany Ja runs solely on Submission Power; each post is written by you, our readers. When you have eaten at that restaurant, shopped at that store, experienced that experience, done that thing that you can't stop talking about - THAT is the moment to share.

What Posts Are and Are Not

Posts are...

  • about your personal experiences
  • inclusive of the details - keep those 5 "W"s in mind
  • respectful towards Germans and their culture
  • long enough to cover your topic thoroughly
  • better with your pictures
  • well-written and spell-checked

Posts are not...

  • negative reviews of any place or thing
  • advertisements written by owners or proprietors
  • plagiarized from anyone or any place; if you have a personal blog that you've written a post on and would like to share here, that's acceptable


  • FAME!  Writers contributing 10 or more posts will have their photo and bio added to our "About Us" page.
  • FORTUNE!  Writers receive $15 per accepted post.


Submission Details

  1. Prepare your submission in a Word document.
  2. If you want your name linked to your personal website in the post put the URL above your text.  Please include this each time you submit a post.
  3. Photos need to be sent as jpeg attachments. The photos you use must be yours or you must have permission to use them.
  4. Include the full URL of any links that you'd like to include in the text. You may embed them in the text or copy/paste in the body of the text.
  5. At the bottom include the following (where relevant): address and/or GPS Coordinates, directions, hours, phone, website URL, and payment types available.
  6. Email all of the above to The subject of your e-mail needs to be the title of the post and your name as you want it to appear in the CONTRIBUTED BY line. For example: Some Restaurant/Jane Schmidt or Schnitzel Place/Jane s.
  7. We will respond within one week to let you know if your submission has been accepted and when it has been scheduled for posting.
  8. At the beginning of the month following the month in which your post is published, you will receive payment via PayPal to the email address you specify. (For example, a post published in March will be paid for in early April.)

Fine Print

  1. The Submissions Manager has the final say in accepting or rejecting any submitted posts. You may be asked to make changes in order to keep a post in line with our overall tone and voice. Rejected posts can be resubmitted after necessary changes. Furthermore, Germany Ja reserves the right to make minor editorial changes either before or at any time after publication.
  2. We retain all rights to posts once they have been submitted and you have been compensated.  This means we may choose to highlight a post you have written on our Facebook Page, as well as allowing other media sources of our choosing - including any or all of our other Overseas Yes sites - to republish without advance notice or residual compensation to you.
  3. Twenty posts are accepted for publication each month.

Questions? Send an email to our Submissions Manager.