To Eat Index

You’re hungry.  You’re looking for somewhere good to grab a bite to eat… but where do you start?

Thankfully, Germany Ja has a growing collection of posts detailing the many restaurants, cafes, and pizza joints here in Germany.  This is an index of all the food establishments we have reviews and information about, listed alphabetically with the type of food served and the general location indicated next to them.

But maybe you’re craving that something special. Tonight you only want pizza.  Or schnitzel.  Or to satisfy your sweet tooth.  Fortunately for you, we’ve got an index listed by type of cuisine, too.

Or perhaps you’re headed out to explore further afoot than will get you back in time to make dinner or grab “your” table at the local gasthaus… Well, we’ve also got an index sorted by general location in Germany.

You’ve got two great ways to figure out where you’re going for dinner tonight!  Prost!

Off-Base Dining Establishments
Die Bühne Backstage Restaurant German; downtown Ramstein
MoschMoshch Japanese; Heidelberg

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