What piano to choose for beginners

A piano is a great introduction to the world of music. It allows you to learn basic music theory, playing and recognizing each note becomes very intuitive with just a few lessons. It’s a great all-around instrument that improves both mental and physical capabilities.

But what do you need to learn how to play the piano? Do you need to find space for an enormous grand piano in your living room? Not necessarily.

For starters, you need to decide whether you want to learn by yourself or with a teacher. If you’d rather have someone teach you then most teachers have their own instruments that they let their students use. So you won’t need to purchase your own piano but be aware that you also won’t be able to practice at home.

If you want to study by yourself at home then you will need a piano of your own. Your choices are mainly limited by space availability and your budget. Acoustic pianos, such as a grand piano and an upright piano, sound beautiful but are expensive. Grand pianos especially require a lot of room.

You could buy an acoustic piano second-hand but that poses its own dangers. You might save some money on the piano itself but if it’s worn down or damaged in any way, repairing it can turn costly. Unless you can get one from a reputable source, like a trusted friend or family member, then just be aware that you are taking a great risk.

Another option is a digital piano. A digital piano doesn’t use strings and hammers to produce a sound but rather prerecorded sounds from an acoustic piano. It plays the corresponding sound as you press the key. You can find digital pianos that resemble the shape of an acoustic piano but a much more popular choice is purchasing an electronic keyboard.

Keyboards are very compact instruments. There are many models available, with beginners like these that can be bought for a relatively small price (especially when compared to the cost of an acoustic piano). They are lightweight and can be easily carried from one place to another. They also don’t take up space permanently because you are free to put the keyboard in storage when it’s not in use.

Keyboards come in different sizes. Most often, it’s between 61 and 88 keys, with 88 being the size of a full-sized autistic piano. There are some keyboards that are even smaller but they are usually used in music studios. Keyboards also allow you to play around with the sound more. It can be modified digitally using different control settings to make it sound more modern and give it more of an edge.

To sum up, keyboards are the most accessible type of piano and many beginners start with them. They are also good if you aren’t sure whether you will stick with the piano once you start learning. Try out a keyboard and if get immersed in it and want to play something with a more classical feel, go ahead and consider getting an acoustic piano.